Driver in fatal daycare car accident now faces drug charges

Readers of this blog will likely recall the tragic Orlando, Florida, accident that claimed the life of a 4-year-old girl at a daycare center. The driver who allegedly caused the accident smashed his motor vehicle into the side of a daycare center. The impact of the car accident resulted in the death of the girl.

Following the incident, the man fled the scene of the crash, but authorities were later able to identify him. The man has since been charged for the crash with allegations of fleeing the scene of a catastrophic accident that involved injuries, which is a third-degree felony.

Recently, drug crimes have been added to the list of charges being pursued against the man. He has been charged with heroin trafficking, and cocaine possession with the intention to sell. In addition, he is also facing marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia possession charges.

The charges against this man are severe and extensive. However, beyond his criminal accusations relating to drug and traffic offenses, this man could also face a civil wrongful death lawsuit related to this Florida accident. Indeed, if he is at fault for causing the tragic death of this young girl, the parents of the child may wish to pursue civil claims for restitution in court.

While no amount of money can replace a life, compensation can help a family move on after such a tragedy by relieving some of the financial strain that the accident has caused. There are many factors to consider, though, and help is best found through an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Drug charges for suspect in Florida day care crash” No author given, May. 12, 2014