Football brain injury settlement preliminarily approved

By now, most people in Florida who like football have probably heard about the class action lawsuit that thousands of former professional football players have brought against the National Football League because of concussions suffered during their tenure in the league. A recent development might show that this lawsuit is coming close to the end.

The federal judge presiding over the case has preliminarily approved a settlement in the case. The final approval hearing in the case is set for November 19. It would provide at least $675 million for the medical care needs of former players that are suffering from long-term complications of the brain injuries suffered while playing in the league.

A previous settlement was rejected by the judge because she refused to believe that the cap being placed on the settlement on the NFL would be sufficient for the players. In the newest version of the settlement, the cap on the settlement fund has been removed.

If this settlement is finalized, it is said that it will offer former players the compensation and resources they need much faster. This settlement comes on the heels of seven former players filing objections to the settlement.

Repeated blows to the head or serious blows to the head can lead to concussions. These concussions can lead to problems down the road. This settlement is set to last at least 65 years to help former players who suffer from neurological problems, such as Lou Gehrig’s disease, that are associated with concussions.

Anyone who has suffered from a severe head injury might opt to file a lawsuit for compensation. Knowing how to seek compensation might help to make the process easier.

Source: Source:, “Federal judge approves NFL concussion settlement,” July 7, 2014