Car accident kills Florida bicyclist

For drivers, staying alert and staying in their lane are vital driving responsibilities. For those who lose focus or leave their lane, tragic results can occur. This is especially true when there are bicyclists that are sharing the roadway with motor vehicle traffic. An accident along 180th Street in Wellborn, Florida, shows just how tragic it can turn when a driver deviates from standard driving practices.

The accident happened when a female driver’s vehicle went slightly off the right side of the paved roadway on 180th Street. A 50-year-old male bicyclist was traveling in the area. The right side of the front of the woman’s car hit the back tire of the bicycle. The man was thrown from the bike onto the north grassy shoulder area of the roadway after slamming onto the hood of the woman’s car.

Sadly, the man was killed in the car accident. He was pronounced dead by the Suwannee County EMS on the scene of the accident. This man didn’t deserve to die in an accident like this. The driver of the car had a duty to keep control of her vehicle and remain in her lane, but she failed to do that.

Losing a loved one in a tragic accident isn’t easy for anyone. When the accident is seemingly caused by someone’s negligence, it makes the situation even worse. In cases in which someone dies because of the negligence of another, seeking compensation is possible. This compensation won’t bring a loved one back, but it might help to cover bills like final expenses that might be piling up because of the accident.

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