Truck accident with unbelievable cause was caught on camera

Taking the city bus isn’t something that most people would expect to land them in the hospital, but that was the outcome of a ride on the Jacksonville Traffic Authority bus passengers last month when the bus was slammed into by a Freightliner. The accident didn’t involve only the bus and truck. A corner store was also damaged in the accident. The reason for the accident might make some of our Florida readers shake their head, but the video that was just released might make you gasp.

The video was taken by cameras inside and outside of the JTA bus that was involved in the accident. It shows a Coca-Cola tractor-trailer sideswiping the passenger bus. You can see passengers and the drivers being shaken up as the bus shifts from the impact of the semi-truck hitting it. You can hear the horrified screams of the people on the bus. Some passengers who were getting off the stopped bus were taken to the hospital with injuries said to be minor.

After it hit the bus, the semi-truck slammed into the Discount Seafood store. That business had to be demolished because the impact started a collapse. The business owner, who has owned the store since 1973, had to bid farewell to his business.

The reason for the truck accident? The trucker says that a wasp was in the cab of his semi-truck. He says that caused him to lose control of the massive truck. He was cited for careless driving in connection with the accident.

For those who were injured in the accident, the thought of a mere wasp leading to their injuries might seem almost insulting. They are now having to deal with lasting effects from the accident, such as the medical bills, simply because the driver didn’t want to get stung by a wasp.

Anyone who has been hurt in a truck accident knows how difficult and expensive recovering from an accident can be. For those individuals, seeking compensation to help reduce the financial impact might help them to focus on healing.

Source:, “Watch: JTA bus video shows dramatic crash of Coca-Cola truck smashing into seafood store in Jacksonville” Aug. 07, 2014