Common sense tips for preventing traumatic brain injury

Many people associate traumatic brain injury with falls. Indeed, as people age, they are more likely to have balance and mobility issues that can cause serious falls. However, people of any age can sustain a TBI under a variety of circumstances.

The website notes that common sense measures are often the best way to guard against TBI. The site discusses four causes of TBI and what people can do to prevent it. These are falls, sports, vehicle accidents and gunshot wounds.

Falls can occur at any age, but older people and children are particularly susceptible. You should always hold onto the railing when using the stairs. Even on flat surfaces, people can fall over objects or tripping hazards. Good lighting is also important, particularly if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

Helmets are the key to preventing brain injury while participating in outdoor sports activities. They should be worn during contact sports. The same goes for skateboarding, skating, snowboarding, skiing and horseback riding. Helmets are also crucial when riding any open vehicles. These include scooters, bicycles, snowmobiles and of course motorcycles.

Being in the confines of a car does not necessarily protect you from TBI. Everyone in the car should be properly fastened in, either with a seatbelt or child safety seat. A clinical neuropsychologist who wrote the “Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide,” says that a majority of his patients suffered their head injury in a car accident, sometimes without hitting their head. The force of the crash can be enough to cause brain damage.

We’ve all heard tragic stories of children and adults who were accidentally killed by a gunshot in their own home or a neighbor’s. If you have firearms in your home, store them unloaded in a locked cabinet. Ammunition should never be stored with guns.

Even when people do everything possible to keep their families safe in their homes, cars and while enjoying all the activities South Florida has to offer, everyone cannot be counted on to be vigilant. When a head injury results from someone else’s negligence, the responsible party can be held legally responsible.

TBIs can require long-term care, and the extent and cost of it cannot always be predicted right away. Florida personal injury attorneys can help people determine what damages to seek to help ensure that the care doesn’t take a financial toll on the victim and family.

Source:, “Prevention of Traumatic Brain Injury” Aug. 30, 2014