Important figures from spinal cord injury reports

Have you been wondering how common spinal cord injury cases are in Florida? A look at the national numbers can give you a good idea of the frequency of these cases, and there are a number of other important figures that should be considered at the same time.

Estimates say that there are about 12,500 cases involving spinal injuries that are reported every year in the United States, which means that 40 people out of each million individuals will be impacted by these injuries. An important qualifier for this statement, though, is that the results do not take into account the people who passed away from their injuries. The 12,500 cases are just those with surviving patients who get medical treatment.

On the whole, though it is hard to pin down an exact figure, there are thought to be 276,000 people in the country right now who are suffering from a spinal cord injury. The range for these numbers allows for a bit of error, stretching from a low of 240,000 to a high of 337,000 people.

One interesting detail is that these injuries seem to be impacting older people as the years go by. In the 1970s, for example, the average age of those who were hurt was just 29. Today, that age has moved all the way up to 42. No distinct reason has been given for this shift.

A spinal cord injury that results in a permanent disability can cause you to lose wages and the ability to work, as well as giving you high medical bills. When this happens, you must know about your right to compensation.

Source: National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, “Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Facts and Figures at a Glance” Dec. 20, 2014