Another wrong-way crash kills two in Florida

There have been an incredible amount of wrong-way crashes in Florida this year, with the death toll climbing all the way up to 15 fatalities after a recent accident. Two people died in the crash—a man and his daughter—and a third person, the man’s wife, was seriously injured.

The crash happened after they had been at a Christmas Eve party. The party had been a fun evening with family, something that they loved and cherished, and it ended with the tragic wreck.

The incident happened on Park Boulevard, near the intersection with 131st Street North. The car with the two victims was driving east, in the eastbound lanes, when an SUV slammed into them, heading west in the same lanes. The accident took place right around 12:30 in the morning.

Another family member, a 23-year-old relative, was following the car as it left the party. He also crashed into the SUV, but he was not hurt.

The investigation continues, and no definite reason for the crash has been given yet, though authorities did say that alcohol may have played a role; they cannot say for sure until after the toxicology reports come in. The man who was driving the car that reportedly caused the crash was 51 years old. According to his records, he has not been arrested before in the state, and this was the first incident of this type that he had been involved in.

As has been shown by this and other stories of wrong-way accidents, even drivers who follow all of the traffic laws perfectly could be in danger. If you have been injured, make sure that you know what rights you have to compensation.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Wrong-way crash in Seminole kills two, devastates family” Rich Shopes, Dec. 25, 2014