Recalls require immediate action in Florida

When an automobile is recalled, it is typically because there is a problem with the vehicle that has to be fixed in order for it to be safe for daily use. For example, there was a recall in Florida and surrounding areas last year that focused on airbags. As you can imagine, non-functioning or improperly functioning airbags could be a serious health hazard to anyone who is involved in an accident.

If your vehicle is recalled, the government urges that you take immediate action to have the problem fixed. This is not something that you want to put off for weeks or months, figuring that you’ll just get to it eventually, because you can never predict when you are going to be in an accident.

Part of the reason for quick action in these situations is that the issues with the car could make it a danger to other drivers on the road. While this may not hold true for the example with the airbags, issues with the brakes, the ignition switch and other components do fall into this category, as a failure could send the vehicle out of control.

Of course, no matter how quickly you react to the notice, you can’t always avoid injury. You could have been driving with the vehicle in such a dangerous condition for years, and an accident can happen in a split second. If you are injured because of a defect to your vehicle, you may have a right to compensation.

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