Secondary accidents can lead to serious injuries

Accident scenes can be quite chaotic. Often, we see disabled vehicles, injured victims, police cars and ambulances, not to mention the debris from the collision along the roadway. As distressing as the accident can be for those involved, it can ultimately lead to secondary accidents that can be just as bad as the original crash.

While secondary accidents can be less severe than other accidents, they still can and do lead to injuries for those involved. Motorists in Miami should also know that they can happen for many of the same reasons initial crashes happen so it is important to be aware of the dangerous driving behaviors that can lead to a secondary crash.

  • Distraction: Many secondary accidents happen because motorists are paying more attention to looking at a crash scene than the road around them. This can lead to rear-end collisions and accidents caused by a driver drifting out of his or her lane.
  • Recklessness: While it can be a hazard to rubberneck around the scene of an accident, it can also be dangerous to just race through the area as if nothing happened. Motorists who are aggressive around a crash scene can cause additional accidents.
  • Failure to adjust driving behaviors for road conditions: In the event of a crash, there are many adjustments that other drivers may have to make, from slowing down moving into other lanes. Because of all these things, traffic can back up quickly, so failure to make the appropriate adjustments, like leaving some space between vehicles, can lead to collisions.

When drivers are not careful and paying attention near the scene of a crash, they can end up on the side of the road along with the victims of an initial accident and dealing with painful injuries.

If you have been hurt in an accident, secondary or otherwise, you should understand that you may be able to collect compensation for damages resulting from the crash. Discussing your case with an attorney can help you identify negligent parties and file a claim to pursue the financial relief you may deserve.