How can I tell if my child’s car seat is safe?

When you have a child, keeping your precious bundle of joy safe is critical. One way that you can do this is to ensure that the car seat you use for your little one is safe. There are several points that you have to consider if you are trying to decide if the car seat is suitable for your child.

What should I look at on the car seat?

Car seats are required to have an expiration date on them. Make sure that the car seat hasn’t expired. You should also check to see if the straps and buckles are in good condition. These shouldn’t be frayed or worn. Inspect the foundation of the car seat to make sure that it isn’t damaged. Cracks in the plastic, for example, would mean the seat isn’t safe.

Are there any sure-fire reasons why a car seat wouldn’t be safe?

If a car seat has been involved in a car accident, it isn’t safe and should be replaced. Car seats that are damaged and those that have been recalled for a serious reason aren’t suitable for use either.

Are all car seat recalls serious?

Not all car seat recalls are serious. In fact, many car seat recalls are rectified by the company sending out a repair kit for the seat. Contacting the manufacturer of the seat can help you to learn if there is a recall on the seat. If there is a recall, you can find out what you need to do next.

If a car seat fails, your child can suffer a serious injury. In that case, you might opt to seek compensation from the car seat manufacturer under a product liability claim.

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