Why a Slip and Fall is No Joking Matter

When people watch someone else take a minor slip and fall, they may immediately respond with laughter. For many, witnessing another person awkwardly tumbling to the ground can result in at least a chuckle or two. But, what they may not realize is that what may appear funny is actually no joking matter. Those who fall can suffer very painful scrapes, bruises, broken bones or even worse. Particularly for those of a senior age, they may not even be able to walk again after a truly terrible slip and fall, and must use a wheelchair to get around instead. When it comes to responding to someone who has fallen, perhaps the response should not be laughter, but if he or she is okay and getting medical attention right away if needed.

In the article here, we have listed tips on how to respond to a slip and fall accident, and in which scenarios meeting with an attorney may be the right choice.

How should I respond if my loved one falls and was seriously injured?

Whether you are spending time with a loved one at a store, theatre or your own home, a slip and fall accident can arise. If this were to happen, it can be frightening for both you and your loved one. It is important to keep in mind staying calm, as the more you are upset the more your friend or family member may respond in panic. Here is a list of tips when it comes to handling a terrible slip and fall accident:

  1. Scan Body for Injuries – take a look at your loved one and see if there are any visible wounds, bruises, bleeding, suspect broken bones or something else. Even if your loved one appears okay, he or she should be checked out for potential injuries.
  2. Call for Help – when it comes to serious injury accidents, it may be best to call for medical help. It is also possible that an injury does not show itself until many hours or even days after the initial fall. By seeing a doctor, it could prevent a complication of injuries or condition.
  3. Deciding Whether to Move or Not – if your loved one fell in an area that is dangerous to remain, do your best to left him or her to a safe spot gently, but with purpose. See if they can use a nearby chair or bench to lift themselves up and sit more comfortably. If it is too painful to move and they are in safe place, then it may be better to stay where put until help has arrived.

How do I know whether we should meet with an attorney?

If you or a loved one has fallen due to negligence on behalf of a store or other facility, you may want to meet with a slip and fall attorney as soon as possible. Depending on the situation, you may be entitled to receiving financial compensation from the party at-fault for medical bills and other losses.