What Traits Can Make You a Great Motorcyclist?

When sharing the road with car drivers, motorcyclists must take extra precautions to help lessen their chances of being involved in an accident. Riders do not have the added benefit of a protective shield to block an impact if a collision were to arise. There are certain characteristics that can help a rider be more safe when voyaging out onto the road. Riders who habitually perform crazy antics and swerve in and out of cars may find themselves part of a truly tragic motorcycle wreck. Here in the article below, we have answered the question: What traits can make you a great motorcyclist?

#1 Cool, Calm and Collected

If a motorcyclist allows themselves to get angry over how others are driving, mistakes can be made. Sadly, car drivers may not be watching out for you as they go about their route. Riders who stay relaxed yet alert while on the bike can respond quickly and swiftly to unexpected threats that may appear. A car up ahead could slam on the brakes, a car could turn left through in intersection and not see you approach, or debri could be strewn across the highway.

#2 Think on Your Feet

Take in and mentally note what it going on in your surroundings. By absorbing the entire road ahead of you and to the sides, you can have an increased situational awareness for anything that may pop up. Scan the road in its entirety, not just what is directly in front of you. Monitor other drivers and anticipate their possible next movements, so you can get out of the way quickly if needed.

#3 Staying Humble

Even the most experienced riders still understand that they are mortal and not invincible to threats on the road. Stay modest and do not try things that exceed your current skill set. While cutting around a corner quickly or even doing a tricks on the highway may seem thrilling, getting hit by another vehicle and suffering critical, agonizing injuries is just not worth it.

#4 Take it Easy When Rusty

If you have not gone for a ride in a while, you may want to take it easy for your first few cruises as skills can get rusty. It can be exciting to finally get back onto your bike after some time away, but zipping off into full throttle expert mode may not give your body and mind a chance to get into the swing of things again.

What if I got hit by a car? What should I do?

If a car were to ever hit you while on a motorcycle, call 9-1-1 right away. As stated above, motorcyclists do not have a protective shell so injuries could become life-threatening very quickly. Those who have sustained injuries and losses because of the collision, may want to meet with a motorcycle accident lawyer DC trusts about filing a civil lawsuit against the vehicle driver. If the car driver was at-fault, they may have to pay you for medical bills, loss of wage, bike repairs, and more.



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