Filing a Claim for Sexual Assault

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Sexual assault can be a terrifying and traumatic experience. Unfortunately, many choose to suffer in silence, hiding in secrecy. Reporting sexual assault can be shameful, when it comes to taking legal action in civil court, many choose not to because it can be too much to face the person who attacked you. Don’t let your abuser walk away without suffering any recourse, let an attorney help you take back your life by making the person who hurt you pay for their wrongdoing. We are understanding and sensitive to people who have been harmed by someone else. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you get the answers to some of the many questions you are sure to have:

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault can take on many forms. Sexual assault is when someone forcibly touches or forces themselves on another person. Unwanted sexual advances occur without the other person’s consent. Examples of sexual assault include:

    • Rape


    • Forcible penetration


    • Unwanted touch


  • Unwanted sexual contact

The impact to someone who has been assaulted can be significant. It can take a person an extensive period of time to recover from sexual assault.

What types of circumstances make for a personal injury claim?

If you are considering legal action, it will make sense to consult with an attorney regarding the validity of your claim. They will be able to weigh in and determine if taking legal action is in your best interest. You and your attorney must be able to prove that you were assaulted and that the person meant to cause you harm. You must also have suffered damages from the sexual assault, examples include:

    • Medical Expenses


    • Pain and Suffering


  • Punitive Damages

How will you investigate the case to gather evidence?

Attorneys can help you gather the necessary evidence in a number of ways. In some situations, they may even choose to bring in a private investigator to review the case and help gather evidence. They may spend time visiting the scene of the crime, interviewing witnesses, reviewing medical records and gathering photographic evidence. This can be beneficial when providing a sexual assault personal injury claim.

How can an attorney help?

There are a variety of ways that our services can not only enhance your case, but also support provide you with the support you require during this painful time. Having a sexual assault lawyer VA relies on by your side cannot only help in negotiations; they can also help you to obtain better compensation. We are passionate when it comes to helping our clients attain the compensation they are entitled to.

Although there a number of reasons for a victim to not come forward, doing so can help bring a sense of closure to the assault you suffered from. An attorney may be able to help you work through the best legal strategy for your particular situation. Don’t let the person who harmed you walk way without suffering the consequences for their actions. Let us help you resolve this matter as quickly as possible.



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