4 Steps to Addressing Back Pain After a Car Accident

Personal Injury Lawyer

Being involved in a car wreck can cause a variety of injuries, from bone fractures to head trauma. One of the most common injuries are back injuries. Spinal injuries can include problems that include herniated discs and soft tissue damage. If you believe you have suffered some kind of back trauma in a car wreck that was the fault of another, there are a few steps you can take if you want to seek compensation.

1. Let the Insurance Company Know 

If you realize you have a back injury days or even weeks after the accident, it is wise to let the at-fault driver’s insurance company know about it. Some types of damage may not become apparent right away, so if you start feeling pain or numbness at any point, report it so that it can be noted you did not withhold any information if your case should go to trial later on.

2. See Your Family Doctor 

Unless you injured your back while driving for your job and the doctor bills are covered by worker’s compensation, you may want to see your family physician about your back pain to fill him or her in on the details of the car wreck. He or she may be able to document your pain and injuries as a direct result of being struck by another vehicle. In most cases, the at-fault insurance company cannot require that you see a doctor of their choosing.

3. Do Not Ignore the Pain 

If you begin to develop back pain after a car wreck, it can be important to address it right away, even if it does not seem very troublesome at first. Back injuries can grow worse over time, especially if you are an active individual, so ignoring mounting pain may result in limited mobility later on.

4. Contact an Attorney 

If the at-fault driver’s insurance company does not want to cooperate and cover the medical bills for your back injury, you may want to consider contacting a car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, for advice about which steps you can take next. Depending on the nature of the crash and your injuries, you may be able to sue the driver or allow an attorney to settle your case with the insurance company. This can be especially important if you believe you are being offered a settlement amount that is much lower than your case is worth.

Suffering back injuries in an auto accident can change your life forever, especially if the trauma causes long-term mobility issues. Call an attorney today to schedule an initial consultation and for further advice.

Thanks to Hickey & Turim Attorneys at Law for their insight into how to address back pain after a car accident.