Why Injury Victims Should Speak With A Lawyer

It isn’t always easy to know when to speak with a lawyer, when to pursue justice on your own, and when to simply let a matter go. Thankfully, injury victims have a greater opportunity to seek legal guidance and counsel than most. Why? Most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations. This means that you can spend an hour or so of your time speaking with a personal injury lawyer about your situation at no cost to you. Scheduling a free consultation also doesn’t obligate you to hire that lawyer moving forward.

Consultations allow injury victims to better understand whether they’re in a position to benefit from a lawyer’s help. Few things are more frustrating than investing one’s time, energy, resources, and trust into an effort only to see it amount to nothing. Asking a lawyer any questions you may have and explaining your situation in a free consultation setting can allow you to make informed decisions about working with a lawyer vs. seeking justice on your own vs. letting the situation you’re facing “go” for now.

You May Be Entitled to Substantial Compensation

As an experienced personal injury lawyer San Fernando Valley, CA – including those who practice at Unidos Legales – can confirm, many injury victims are entitled to significant compensation as a result of the harm they’ve suffered. This may be true even when injury victims are partially responsible for what has happened to them.

Under California law, most injury victims are entitled to sue those who have caused them harm, if the party/parties they’re suing (known as “defendant(s)”) directly contributed to the cause(s) of a victim’s harm by virtue of reckless, negligent, or intentionally dangerous conduct. Meaning, if a person, business, or even a government entity directly caused your harm because they were doing something that they shouldn’t have been doing (or otherwise acted or failed to act to protect you from an unreasonable risk of harm, if they owed you such a duty under the law), you may be able to sue them for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other personal injury damages.

Speaking with a lawyer will help to clarify what your case is potentially worth. If you have a strong case and winning that case would result in a financial award of tens of thousands of dollars, pursuing your case in court may be worth your time and effort.

Assistance With Insurance Claims

Another reason you may benefit from working with an attorney is that they can represent you in insurance negotiations. Insurance companies want to make a profit. So, if they can get away with undervaluing or event rejecting legitimate claims, they might seek to do so. Working with a lawyer will help to ensure that you don’t settle for an insurance benefits award that is valued lower than it should be. Also, allowing an attorney to negotiate with insurance representatives means that you won’t have to. Taking this stress off your shoulders while you heal can be a valuable benefit of working with a lawyer.