10 Most Prevalent Birth Injuries

The day your child is born should be filled with joy, excitement, and relief that your little one has finally arrived into the world. In the midst of post-delivery bliss, it can quickly become a nightmare if a parent is told their child has been diagnosed with a health condition. A Fort Lauderdale FL birth injury lawyer from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. can provide legal assistance and support during this emotional time.

Here we have gone over the 10 most prevalent birth injuries that can be diagnosed in newborns. It is possible your doctor or the supportive medical staff acted in a negligent way that caused or your newborn to suffer a birth injury. For more information, contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale FL birth injury lawyer.

Brachial Plexus Injury (BPI)
When a newborn suffers from BPI, the nerves of the upper spine area that travel to the shoulder, hands, arms and neck are damaged. Such injuries can vary in severity, from temporary to permanent.

Bone Fractures
A complicated delivery or misuse of birth tools can cause newborns to suffer broken bones, particularly of the clavicle, otherwise known as the collarbone.

When this happens, a collection of blood accumulates between the skull and inside layers of the skin. Blood vessels have been damaged and result in the pooling of blood to the area.

Caput Succedaneum
This kind of condition occurs when the scalp swells, in addition to visible bruising and/or discoloration. Most often happens due to excessive pressure being used during the delivery process.

Perinatal Asphyxia
When a newborn is not getting enough oxygen in the blood, it can result in perinatal asphyxia. The newborn can suffer from intense labored breathing, a pale skin color, shock, coma, or seizures.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage
This can be easily seen if the newborn has a burst blood vessel of the eye and is usually a result of the improper use of pressure during birthing. Most often clears up within time.

Cerebral Palsy
Newborns with cerebral palsy can experience muscle weakness, slowed development of motor skills, and muscle spasms.

Spinal Cord Injuries
The misuse of forceps by the doctor during birthing can cause nerve or spinal cord damage to the infant, which can lead to neurological issues and potentially paralysis.

Paralysis of Face
Facial nerves can be damaged and may last only for a brief period of time and go away on its own, or become permanent. Newborns can suffer from lack of control of muscles in his or her face.

If your newborn has been diagnosed with any of the above conditions, you may want to consider consulting with a birth injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL clients recommend from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. We can be reached at our law offices, to schedule you a free initial appointment with an empathetic and skilled birth injury lawyer. Do not let your doctor or supportive birth staff get away with poor medical choices during or after delivery. Reach out today, we want to help you seek justice.