How to Maximize Your Medical Malpractice Settlement

Due to the complicated nature of medical malpractice cases, these lawsuits are typically more difficult to win than other personal injury lawsuits. However, if you can still take steps to improve your chances of winning your medical malpractice case and maximizing your compensation.

  • See another doctor. If your doctor has made a medical error that caused you harm, it’s crucial to see a different doctor immediately. Your health is of the utmost importance. The second doctor will have to correct the first doctor’s mistake and then advise on the proper treatment.
  • Gather evidence. A medical malpractice case is nothing without evidence. As such, start collecting evidence to prove your doctor’s negligence as soon as possible. For example, you should obtain your medical records right away, as they will demonstrate your medical history, symptoms and medication history. Other important types of evidence include expert witnesses and photos of physical injuries that resulted from the medical mistake.
  • Hire a lawyer. As mentioned above, medical malpractice cases are notoriously complex and difficult to prove. Therefore, it’s critical to have an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Miami, FL on your side. He or she can help you get ahold of evidence quickly, identify key witnesses and handle negotiations with the insurance company.
  • Be cautious on social media. If you’re in the middle of a medical malpractice case, you have to watch what you post on your Facebook and other social media sites. The other side may be looking at your social media pages to find information to use against you. For instance, if you post a photo of yourself at an amusement park, you may get accused of exaggerating your injuries.
  • Be completely truthful. Whether you’re talking to your new doctor or the insurance company, it’s important to tell the truth about your injuries. If you exaggerate your injuries and the other side finds out, they may try to make you look less credible in court, which could jeopardize your compensation.

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