The Impact of a Brain Injury

Brain injuries not only impact a person in the present, but they can also actually alter the way a person lives their life. For some who have suffered these types of injuries, their ability to live their life the way that they once did will forever be altered. Accidents due to brain injuries can result in significant damages, and because of this, settlements may be sizable. Common lingering symptoms from brain injuries include:

  • Cognitive Impairments
  • Post Traumatic Epilepsy
  • Emotional and Behavioral Problems
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Coma

The impacts of a brain injury may result in the need for ongoing medical treatments, which can be costly. Victims shouldn’t shoulder this expense on their own, making the assistance of a Miami, Florida, brain injury lawyer imperative. Taking the proper steps towards holding the negligent party accountable will be important when seeking compensation for losses. 

Immediately Seek Medical Care

After a brain injury, victims should seek medical attention as quickly as possible. When it comes to these injuries, immediate treatment is vital to ensure that they are properly diagnosed and treated. Treatment can help prevent the injury from worsening, and victims may require life-saving surgery. There are several reasons medical care is imperative. Not only does it ensure the best possible recovery, but the medical documentation can also act as a critical piece of evidence should legal action be necessary. Medical documentation helps prove that the injury was from the accident and outlines the extent that the victim is injured. 

Exercise Caution with Insurance Adjusters

The opposing side may contact victims; it’s best to always proceed with caution, whether it be a lawyer or an insurance company calling. They may be calling with a settlement offer or be looking to gain information from the victim about the accident. While this may seem innocent, keep in mind that these professionals are not on the victim’s side. Insurance adjusters and lawyers will likely be looking to discount the claim, looking for any way to get the victim to admit fault or accept a low ball settlement inadvertently. While it may be tempting, it’s best to first speak with a lawyer about how to move forward. They can ensure that victims do not accept an offer that is far less than they deserve as they will know the actual value of the case and will have an idea of when to accept an offer versus when to continue with negotiations. 

Contacting a Lawyer

Victims can get the help they are looking for by searching for area lawyers as soon as possible. With their assistance, victims will have a clear strategy for their case to achieve a favorable outcome. Legal counsel from The Law Offices of Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. is the best way to initiate the legal process to obtain much-needed compensation. Contact our office today for more information about how our Miami, FL brain injury lawyer represents victims!