Long-Term Effects of Brain Injuries

When a person suffers a brain injury in an accident, he or she may immediately experience dizziness, headaches and confusion. Sometimes the after effects completely disappear and the person can live a normal life again. Other times, brain injuries can lead to long-term effects, including:

  • Memory loss. One of the most devastating long-term effects of brain injuries is memory loss. If you have trouble remembering basic information, you may never be able to return to your job or have trouble performing everyday activities.
  • Difficulty communicating. With a brain injury, you may also have problems communicating with other people. You might struggle to understand what other people are saying or find the right words to express yourself. This can be incredibly frustrating and negatively affect your relationships.
  • Balance issues. Sometimes brain injuries can lead to problems with balance. You may get dizzy easily and have trouble supporting yourself when standing or walking. This is a huge concern because it can increase your risk of falls.
  • Mood problems. As a brain injury lawyer in Miami, FL can confirm, some people with brain injuries have trouble regulating their emotions. They may be happy one moment and burst into tears the next.
  • Trouble sleeping. Due to the headaches and ringing in the ears that often accompany brain injuries, you may have more difficulty falling and staying asleep. As a result, you may wake up groggy and irritable. You may feel too tired to participate in daily activities. 

Getting Compensation for a Brain Injury

A brain injury can have devastating results. If your brain injury was another party’s fault, whether it was from a car crash or slip and fall accident, you deserve justice. A brain injury lawyer in Miami, FL can help you fight for fair compensation. Some of the damages you may qualify for include medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, loss of future earning potential and emotional distress. 

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