Miami-Dade crash involving buses and SUV injures 7

There are many benefits to using buses as transportation. It is less expensive than driving and allows passengers to relax rather than deal with the stress that can accompany driving a car in traffic. When one sets foot on a bus, those stresses of driving are transferred to the driver who is responsible for the safety of all passengers.

Earlier this week a crash involving two buses occurred on Southwest 288th Street and South Dixie Highway. According to transit officials, the Miami-Dade County accident occurred when a bus driving north hit an SUV. The first crash caused that same bus to collide with another bus that was driving in the opposite direction.

Seven people were injured in the crash. Three were transported to the hospital. An occupant of the SUV was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital via helicopter. The remaining four sustained minor injuries that were attended to at the scene. Specifics on the injuries sustained are currently unknown.

As is the case with any motor vehicle accident, there are many reasons a bus accident can occur. These reasons include driver negligence, failure to heed traffic signals and speeding. Though facts of this particular case are still being uncovered, according to investigators, it is possible that the SUV the first bus hit may have been in the path of the bus after running a red light. The accident is under investigation.

After sustaining injuries in an accident the important thing becomes making sure the injured individual is able to live his or her life to the fullest. Holding responsible parties accountable for their negligent actions can help in covering expenses such as medical bills and lost wages. Compensation can also help the injured maintain a good quality of life.


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