Fire truck involved in crash with double-decker tour bus

Fire trucks usually appear within minutes of being called to the scene of an accident. After a crash occurs it is not uncommon to hear the sirens and see the flashing lights of a fire truck rushing to the scene to assist. This was not the case last week in Miami Beach when a fire truck was on the scene immediately after an accident occurred as it was actually a part of a crash with a double-decker tour bus.

Two people were injured and transported to local area hospitals after the fire engine and double-decker tour bus collided. Thankfully the only occupants of the bus at the time of the accident were the driver and a tour guide. The accident occurred in the area of Dade Boulevard and Washington Avenue on Monday, Aug. 15, and closed down surrounding roads for a time.

Accidents involving large vehicles like buses and trucks can result in serious injuries to those involved. Broken bones as well as injuries to the spine and head are not uncommon. The types of injuries sustained in this accident have not been disclosed but the individual taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital was in stable condition, and the one taken to Mount Sinai Hospital reportedly sustained only minor injuries.

As is the case in any motor vehicle accident, there are potentially many causes of truck and bus accidents. Some of these reasons are driver fatigue, speed, maintenance issues and driver distraction. The cause of this accident has not been reported and is under investigation.


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