Street racing may be to blame in death of 3 Florida teens

Traffic accidents are a leading cause of death among teenagers throughout the nation. Every day in Florida teens are involved in car accidents. Sometimes the outcome results in minor injuries, but in other cases, catastrophic injuries are inflicted which can lead to death.

Three teens were killed in a car accident this past week in South Florida. The accident appears to have occurred as at least two cars were street-racing in Doral.

According to Miami-Dade police, the 19-year-old driver of a Honda Civic hit a concrete pole after losing control. Two occupants of the car were killed when the collision caused them to be thrown from the vehicle. Another passenger who was trapped in the car died as well. Though the driver left the scene after the crash, he later turned himself in to the authorities.

There are many causes of car accidents that pertain to drivers of all ages. For teen drivers in particular, common causes include distracted driving, speeding and engaging in risky behavior. Though the case at hand is under investigation, if in fact the Honda was engaged in a street race at the time the accident occurred, both speeding and taking risks will likely be cited as causes.

The 19-year-old driver was charged with three counts each of leaving the scene of an accident with a death involved and vehicular homicide. The second car believed to have been involved with the accident is currently being sought by police. It is described as a black Infiniti.

In addition to the criminal charges he is facing, the Honda driver may also face a civil case as well if the families of the deceased teens decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit.


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