Alcohol may be factor in car accident that killed grandmother

Earlier this month a 19-year-old woman hit a 68-year-old woman while driving, killing the older woman. The fatal car accident occurred early one Sunday morning on Le Jeune Road Road in Coral Gables, Florida. The older woman was on her way home from work when the college student struck the woman while reportedly driving close to 80 mph.

Immediately following the accident, despite the smell of alcohol, the young woman was released into her mother’s custody. She was arrested later that day and is currently under house arrest. A receipt from Arkadia, a nightclub in Miami Beach, indicates the 19-year-old may have purchased alcoholic drinks a couple of hours before the accident occurred.

Toxicology results on two blood tests for the young woman are pending. Police in Coral Gables are waiting for the results to determine whether the charges against her will be changed. The legal age to consume alcoholic beverages in Florida is 21.

Nothing can bring a person who has died back to life. Compensation for the loss of a person may be available however to make things easier for the loved ones of the deceased. Known as a wrongful death lawsuit, this civil action may be filed against individuals or entities that are responsible for the death of a person.

The family of the woman who died has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver. Depending on the results of the investigation the family’s attorney has indicated a lawsuit may be filed against the establishments that served the underage driver as well.

Source: NBCMiami, “Coral Gables Teen Was Drinking at Fontainebleau Club Hours Before Fatal Crash: Lawyer,” Willard Shepard, Oct. 5, 2011