Car flips in Miami road rage accident

It is fair to say that most residents of Miami are not looking to be involved in or cause a car accident. Accordingly, most people take steps to avoid that fate such as driving attentively and following the rules of the road. While there are instances when a driver is taking the proper steps to stay safe on the road and is still involved in a crash, more often than not, car wrecks are caused by drivers doing something they should not be doing, such as partaking in road rage.

This appears to have been the case in a car accident that occurred in Miami late last month. The accident reportedly stemmed from a road rage incident between a PT Cruiser and a Pontiac G6. The driver of the Pontiac claims that she was attempting to pass the Cruiser. At the time, the Cruiser was doing what it could to keep the car from passing by weaving back and forth in front of the Pontiac. When the Pontiac eventually succeeded in passing the Cruiser, the Cruiser apparently rear ended the back of the Pontiac.

The collision from behind caused the woman to lose control of her car. It flipped and landed on the front lawn of a nearby house. As the woman yelled for help and tried to get out of her car, the Cruiser left the scene. Police apprehended and arrested the driver of the Cruiser a few blocks from the scene of the accident.

Though she sustained injuries to her arm, the woman was able to climb out of her car through her sunroof. In situations like this it is not uncommon for the injured party to seek compensation for the injuries sustained due to the negligent actions of another person.

Source:, “Road rage incident flips car over,” Oct. 26, 2011