Car involved in accident hits house in Miami Beach

Most car accidents people hear about in the news involve one vehicle hitting another vehicle on a road. While few involve inanimate objects such as houses, they do occasionally happen. The residents of one home in South Florida are all too aware of this.

Earlier this week a car hit the Miami Beach house after first being involved in a collision with another car. The car accident occurred as the vehicles drove on Normandy Drive. Authorities report that after the collision the vehicle hit the house after first jumping a curb.

The car hit only the corner of the house and the damage the building sustained is being characterized as minimal. It is unclear whether anyone was home at the time of the accident. No reports of injuries to anyone in the house were reported.

After the accident, the drivers of both vehicles were transported to Mount Sinai Medical Center to be checked over.

The outcome of this accident clearly could have been much worse. In many cases the damage done to both property and an individual is catastrophic. Brain injuries and spinal injuries are two types of injuries sometimes sustained in motor vehicle accidents that can be difficult to recover from.

In addition to being physically difficult to recover from, these kinds of injuries are also very expensive. For this reason it is not uncommon for people with these injuries to explore filing a personal injury lawsuit. When successful, financial compensation is awarded to help cover the huge expense.

It is unclear what caused the two vehicles to collide. Thus far neither of the drivers has been charged with a crime.

Source: WSVN, “Car clips house in accident,” Jan. 24, 2012