SUV driver involved in Miami bus accident leaves scene on foot

School buses are trusted by many parents throughout the Miami area to transport their children to and from school in a safe manner. While most days the routes are completed without incident, there are occasions when car accidents occur. One such accident occurred earlier this week in Miami-Dade County.

A SUV that reportedly did not stop at a stop sign ran into the school bus. The force of the impact caused the bus to run into a house that was located nearby. At the time, there were four passengers on the bus, two children and two adults. Another two people were in the house when the bus hit it. There was one person in the SUV.

Fortunately it does not appear that anyone was seriously hurt in the incident. The occupants of the bus sustained minor injuries but did not need to be taken to the hospital.

Usually when someone is an involved in a collision with another vehicle and then leaves the scene it is called a hit-and-run. In those instances the person drives away. In this instance however, the driver of the SUV left the scene, not in his vehicle, but apparently on foot. When he did so, he left his vehicle behind.

The man who was driving the SUV is being sought by the authorities. When they find him, he will likely face criminal charges. In addition, should it turn out that the injuries the bus passengers sustained are actually more serious than they first seemed, the man could also face civil personal injury cases as well.

Source: ABC News, “Miami School Bus Crashes Into Home; Other Driver Flees,” Katie Kindelan, April 12, 2012