Miami-Dade collision between bus and car sends 2 to hospital

Buses and cars interact on a regular basis throughout the Miami metro area. As is the case in any area densely populated with motor vehicles it is inevitable that at some point the two will collide in a motor vehicle accident. This happened last week in Miami-Dade County.

According to the authorities, the accident occurred on County Line Road, close to Northwest 13th Court. Though details about how the incident unfolded or how many people were involved are unavailable, two individuals sustained serious enough injuries that they were transported to hospitals. One of them was taken by a helicopter after being removed from a vehicle by rescue workers.

Because of the number of individuals potentially occupying a bus at the time of an accident, there is always the possibility for a catastrophic outcome. Because only two people were hurt in the incident, along with the early hour, 7:00 a.m., at which it occurred, it is possible that the bus was transporting few, if any, passengers.

The accident scene left behind illustrated the violence involved in the incident. A car was missing its roof and a bus had extensive damage to its front end. It is likely that an investigation is being conducted into the cause of the incident to determine which driver was at fault. This is important to figure out, since when serious injuries result, it is not uncommon for personal injury lawsuits to be filed against the party whose actions caused the incident. When successful, such suits provide compensation for things such as lost wages and medical bills.

Source: NBC Miami, “Two Injured in Violent Crash in Northwest Miami-Dade,” Cristina Alvarez, May 23, 2012