1 dead after North Miami collision involving taxi and SUV

It is unlikely that most Miami residents think about the possibility of getting into a car accident when they get into automobiles each day. This extends to people riding in taxis as well. Sadly, this past weekend, a fatal car accident involving a taxi occurred.

The taxi in this accident reportedly collided with an SUV in the middle of an intersection. The front of the SUV reportedly hit the back part of the taxi. The incident occurred Sunday morning at the intersection of 159th Street and North Miami Avenue. At the time, the taxi was occupied by a family of three-a man, his wife and his mother-in-law. When the crash occurred, the man’s mother-in-law was riding in the backseat.

As a result of injuries sustained in the crash, the woman in the backseat died. Her son-in-law and another individual were also injured in the collision and were transported to a hospital.

It is not clear where the family was going at the time of the accident but at that time of the morning, it could have been church. It has been reported that they attend Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church, located in Little Haiti.

Who was at fault for the crash has not been disclosed as it is likely an investigation is being conducted. Should the driver of the SUV be to blame, the person behind the wheel of that vehicle could find themselves facing civil lawsuits. In addition to a wrongful death lawsuit, the man who was injured could also file a personal injury lawsuit to try to recoup financial damages.

Source: The Miami Herald, “North Miami SUV, taxi crash leaves one dead, several injured,” Meredith Rutland, June 3, 2012