Both drivers survive fiery truck accident in Florida

The drivers in a serious truck accident near Miami were fortunate: Both of them survived the potentially fatal crash on U.S. Highway 27 in South Florida’s Broward County. According to in Florida, a pair of tractor-trailers collided June 6 while traveling U.S. Highway 27 just after 4 a.m. The tractor-trailers were driving in the southbound lanes of the highway.

The impact was severe enough that one of the trucks started on fire. Local10 reported that debris from the accident covered the roadway just north of Griffin Road. This made it necessary for police, who were responding to the accident, to close both the northbound and southbound lanes of U.S. Highway 27–a major thoroughfare–for a brief period of time. By 5:30 a.m., though, police had opened the northbound lanes and were diverting all traffic on the highway to them.

According to Local10, the driver of one of the trucks was transporting trees when his vehicle suffered a flat tire. The driver said that he exited his vehicle to fix the tire. It was then that the second truck smashed into his stopped vehicle. The second truck burst into flames upon impact. The collision also tore off the entire front cabin of the second truck.

In good news, the driver of the second truck, after being rushed to a nearby hospital, not only survived, he was treated and released that day. That man’s dog, though, did die in the accident after jumping out of the truck and getting hit by a passing car.

Police told Local10 that they do not expect charges to be filed as a result of the accident.

The outcome of this accident clearly could have been much worse. It is a reminder of how devastating a truck accident can be.

Source: Local 10, “Tractor-trailers crash on U.S. 27,” Ben Kennedy, June 7, 2012