Safety chief driving truck strikes sunbather on beach

In many states throughout the nation car accidents take place virtually only on roads. In some states, including Florida, car accidents can occur on beaches as well. This recently occurred in a community outside of Miami.

This is not the first time over the past few years that accidents involving vehicles on the beach have happened in Florida. Pickups and other vehicles driven by individuals such as lifeguards are allowed in these spaces. Because other vehicles are not allowed, pedestrians are the biggest concern.

A 37-year-old man who was sunbathing is the most recent victim of a vehicle on a beach. The incident occurred on Hollywood beach. Ironically, the driver in this most recent incident was actually a safety chief. In this position he is responsible for telling employees beneath him what needs to be done to keep the beach safe.

As a result of the collision the beachgoer was hurt and was taken to an area hospital to recover. Though the extent of his injuries is not known, the man was said to have had blood all over his body including his head, face and arm. The man was fortunate. At least one other recent instance of this happening has resulted in death.

The man behind the wheel of the truck was working the next day. It is not clear if he will face any consequences for his role in the incident. Even if he doesn’t it is possible that he could face a personal injury lawsuit filed by the sunbather.

Source: WSVN, “Safety chief back on job after accident on beach,” Dec. 20, 2012