Could new helmets protect brains of football players?

Readers of this blog are likely aware of the issues surrounding athletes participating in various sports and concussions. One of the sports that is currently front and center regarding the matter is professional football. Historically players have been allowed to return to the game too soon while their brains are still healing.

It has taken a long to even begin to understand the long-term effects of repeated hits to the head. Only now is the extent of the lingering damage done as a result of the brain injury truly being discovered.

Of course because football is so well loved by people throughout the nation, at the same time doctors are trying to figure out the extent of brain injury issues in the NFL, others are seeking ways to make it safer for players. Perhaps not surprisingly, one of those ways is through the development of new helmets. Multiple helmet makes have entered into that arena including Riddell and Xenith. One of the developers of one of these helmets is a neurologist from Sweden.

The doctor developed the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. Known as MIP, it seeks to protect the player’s head by reducing the force of the impact. This is accomplished through the use of plastic and padding that keeps the head from directly absorbing the impact of a hit.

Most people recognize that it will take more than just a special helmet to deal with the concussion problem in football at all levels. Because of the far reaching effects a concussion has however, it is important that the issue is being addressed.

Source: Bleacher Report, “NFL Concussion Prevention: Could New Helmet Save Football?” Michael Schottey, Dec. 20, 2012