Secretary Clinton is back at work at State

After an illness and a minor concussion, suffered in a fall at her home, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hospitalized for a dangerous blood clot. Her recent run of bad luck has apparently ended, however. Her brain injury much better, Secretary Clinton returned to her office on Monday, January 7th according to the State Department’s weekly schedule.

Although being released from a New York hospital treating her blood clot less than a week ago, Clinton was obviously feeling much better. After her doctors located the clot, between her skull and brain, they treated her with blood thinners, which dissolved the clot.

Fortunately, the clot, in a potentially dangerous location, did not cause a stroke or any neurological damage. A State Department spokesperson noted that by last Friday, 48 hours after her discharge, the Secretary was “upbeat” and “raring to go.”

After being asked whether Secretary Clinton would testify on Capitol Hill about the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, in which our ambassador to Libya was murdered, the spokesperson was unable to provide a direct answer. However, the spokes person noted that “she is open to going up to the Hill.”

It appears the Secretary is working with legislators to learn if their schedule and the Secretary’s can be matched to accommodate her giving official testimony on the attack. The former first lady and New York senator has made it known she plans to step down as Secretary of State when the president names her replacement.

Since some legislators prefer delaying her successor’s confirmation hearings until she testifies about the Libya attack, her appearance on the Hill may be a short-term necessity. Both the House and Senate are adjourned until mid-January. Some creative scheduling appears to be in order to get the Secretary and Congress in the same room at the same time.

Should Secretary Clinton be required to testify before Congress about the deadly consulate attack before she leaves her cabinet position? Do you think, if Ms. Clinton decides to run for the White House again, her candidacy could be affected by her recent physical issues?

Source: CNN, “Hillary Clinton returns to work at State Department,” Jill Dougherty and Kevin Liptak, Jan. 6, 2013

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