Girls hurt in crash on way home from school

Two children recently involved in a Miami area car accident are currently recovering from their injuries. The two girls were passengers in a van that was transporting them from their middle school to their homes when another car reportedly struck the van. The force of impact caused the girls to be thrown from the van, resulting in their injuries.

After the accidents the girls were taken to an area hospital. One suffered bruises and scrapes. The other girl was cut, broke a leg and suffered a brain injury in addition to bruises. Both are reportedly “doing well,” and neither is expected to have to undergo surgery.

The cause of the car accident was initially thought to have been a medical episode. It was suspected that the man driving the car that struck the van had a heart attack. After the incident tests at a hospital determined that was not source of the medical episode. At this point it is unclear just what caused it.

The girls were not the only occupants in the van at the time of the crash. In addition to the driver, there were also two other children riding as passengers. Though the parents took one of those children to be checked out, no other injuries were reported.

The children in this case are fortunate. In many cases where the vehicle occupant is thrown from a car the resulting injuries are so serious that they lead to death. This is one of the reasons that seat belts are so widely encouraged for use by passengers of all ages. It is unclear whether they were in use in this situation. Even if they weren’t, it is possible that a personal injury lawsuit could be filed.

Source: Miami Herald, “Children thrown from van in Miami Gardens crash are recovering,” Maria Lamagna, Feb. 7,