Race spectators injured from car crash debris

NASCAR enthusiasts throughout the nation, including those in Miami, were likely tuned in to their television sets this past weekend to view the Dayton 500. Certain fans may have even made their way to the famous Florida race to watch the race and events related to it in person. One of the related events was the Nationwide Series race.

Some of the individuals who were watching the Saturday race probably wish that they were not there. This is because at least a dozen observers were hurt after an accident which took place on the track caused debris to fly into the stands. Pieces of the vehicle, including a tire, were launched into the stands. Some reportedly made its way to the upper level of seating.

Of the 12 injured individuals, six of them apparently suffered injuries characterized as serious. The nature of those injuries is not known. Others were reportedly hurt much less seriously. Thankfully it does not appear that anyone died as a result of their injuries.

Most would agree that the activity of participating in a NASCAR race is inherently dangerous. Observers in attendance this past weekend probably did not think that they were putting their lives at risk when they purchased their tickets to watch it however. This is particularly true of those seated in the upper level of the grandstand.

Depending on the severity of the injuries suffered and the length of time it takes for the injured to recover, it is possible that personal injury lawsuits will be filed in the matter.

Source: CBS Miami, “Daytona Last-Lap Crash Sends Parts Flying, Fans To Hospital,” Feb. 23, 2013

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