Miccosukee tribe ordered to pay for woman’s death

A Miami-Dade circuit judge ordered the Miccosukke Indian tribe to pay $3.2 million in a personal injury lawsuit after a hearing on June 21. The tribe, located in the southern region of the state, must pay relatives of a woman who died in a car crash.

The deceased was in an auto accident with a female tribal member in 1998. The tribe’s lawyer argued that the Miccosukke was a sovereign nation and not required to pay the personal injury judgment to the 30-year-old’s husband and son.

According to some media reports, the tribe became involved in the auto accident by paying for the tribal member’s defense. It also was a controlling entity in the woman’s legal strategy. Thus, the judge waived its sovereign immunity defense because of its involvement. The lawyers for the Miccosukke tribe announced they will appeal the $3.2 million verdict. However, the lawyers did not say when the appeal would be filed.

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Source: Miami Herald, “Miccosukee tribe ordered to pay $3.2M in car crash”, June 22, 2013