2 National Guardsmen killed on Florida interstate

Two members of the National Guard were killed after they were struck by a vehicle on Interstate 10 in Florida. The accident happened Sunday, Sept. 8, around 7 p.m. on the westbound side of the interstate near the Monticello exit. The National Guardsmen were traveling in a military civilian vehicle when one of their tires blew out.

They pulled the military vehicle over, but another vehicle that was traveling behind them swerved into the median of the interstate to avoid the debris from their tire blow out. They walked over to the median to see if the driver was okay. While they were checking on the driver, another oncoming vehicle swerved to avoid debris and hit them in the process. They were both transported to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital after the car accident where they later succumbed to their injuries.

Although there may not have been any criminal charges filed in connection with the car accident yet, there could end up being personal injury lawsuits filed. The families of the deceased National Guardsmen could choose to file wrongful death lawsuits for the unexpected deaths of their loved ones that may have left them with emotional trauma and pain and suffering. The National Guardsmen may have also been primary providers for their families financially, which could mean that their families are left with financial burdens at their deaths that could make them eligible for compensation for their lost earning power. Additionally, they might seek reimbursement for their deceased loved ones’ hospital bills and burial expenses.

Personal injury attorneys might be able to advise the families as to whether or not they have sufficient grounds to file wrongful death claims. If they do, they might be able to assist them in preparing their claims and obtaining settlements for them.

Source: WCTV, “2 National Guard Members Killed In Jefferson Co. Crash”, Emily Johnson, September 10, 2013