Florida man dies after being freed from truck

A 1998 Isuzu pickup truck attempting to enter I-95 in Florida allegedly hydroplaned on wet pavement around 2:15 p.m. on Sept. 12, striking the right side of a box truck. The box truck crossed all lanes and hit a light pole, trapping a front-seat passenger from North Hill in the box truck and killing him.

A third vehicle, a 2013 Lincoln, was struck by crash debris. The drivers of the Lincoln and the box truck were not injured. After emergency personnel freed the box truck passenger, he was flown to Halifax Medical Center where he died.

The accident occurred in Daytona Beach in the early afternoon. The Florida Highway Patrol stated that charges are pending, but no further details were available.

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Source: New Castle News, “City man dies in Florida crash”, September 16, 2013