Examining common trampoline injuries in Florida

Trampolines have been linked to a high number of injuries that required medical treatment, with around one million people nationwide having to be taken to the hospital after an accident. The average age for these people was just 9.5 years old. Of the full one million who got treatment, about 29 percent of them had to be treated for various types of fractures.

The study looked at injuries that were sustained from 2002 to 2011. Along with looking at the location and type of injury, the researchers also considered things like age, gender and geographical location.

When looking at just the fractures on their own, it was found that 59.9 percent of them happened in an upper extremity. Another 35.7 percent were sustained in a lower extremity. The rest could be attributed to injuries to the spine, skull and ribs. Only half of a percent were linked to the ribs and 1 percent were linked to the skull, but the other full 4.4 percent could be linked to the spine.

The researchers stated that they were attempting to see how big of a problem fractures actually were when considering trampoline use. Due to the amount of fractures that they documented overall, they recommended that improved strategies were needed to prevent these injuries in the future.

A spinal cord injury may lead to a permanent disability for the person who was hurt. When this happens to a child, it could result in incredible medical bills and the need for life-long care. Anyone in Florida who is in this position needs to look into the legal rights that he or she has if the injury was directly linked to a lack of implemented safety measures.

Source: Orthopedics Today, “Upper-extremity fractures most prevalent trampoline injury” R.T. Loder, May. 29, 2014