Driver takes Florida exit ramp too fast, 3 injured in car crash

With the warmer weather that has been gracing the area, more people are hitting the highways. Some people are trying to enjoy the scenery, and others are driving about with a purpose. Because of the traffic on the roadways, especially when you factor in tourist traffic that has increased, it is vital that all drivers remain vigilant while they drive. Part of this vigilance is ensuring that they are driving at a proper speed.

A recent car accident along Interstate 10 in Florida shows just how important it is for drivers to ensure they are traveling at an appropriate rate of speed. The accident happened when a 46-year-old female driver allegedly took the exit ramp near Pensacola going at a high rate of speed. She was unable to control the vehicle.

The woman’s vehicle ended up rear-ending a car driven by a 50-year-old man. The woman’s car flipped several times, according to reports. The vehicle eventually came to a halt upside down when it slid into a concrete culvert.

Both drivers, as well as the passenger in the woman’s vehicle, suffered from minor injuries in the accident. Despite the fact that the injuries seemed minor, the other driver and the passenger should keep a close account of what happens to those injuries. It is possible that the severity of the injuries won’t be known immediately.

The male driver and the passenger in the woman’s vehicle both have the right to seek compensation for the injuries they suffered in the crash. Compensation that is awarded can often help to ease the financial pressure caused by medical bills and other costs associated with the accident.

Source: Pensacola News Journal, “Three injured in I-10 crash” No author given, Jun. 12, 2014