Speed may have been an issue in car crash at souvenir shop

It was a wild morning for tourists in the area of a popular Miami Beach, Florida, souvenir shop on Aug. 11. Local police say that around 7:00 a.m., a motorist plowed through the front doors of popular souvenir shop, Alvin’s Island.

Miami Beach, Florida, police say that a woman driving near the intersection of Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue somehow lost control of her vehicle and ended up driving into the store. Two pedestrians who were walking by the souvenir shop at the time of the accident were struck by the car and injured. One resident who was sleeping in a nearby hotel says that she could hear the squeal of a car braking just prior to the crash.

The two injured pedestrians were taken to an area hospital, but their conditions were not reported. However, the driver of the vehicle remained at the scene and was uninjured. That driver told police that another car had cut her off, which led to the accident. Police remain skeptical of the driver’s account and say that an investigation is currently underway to examine all of the factors that contributed to the accident. It remains unclear whether drugs or alcohol is suspected in this crash.

Miami residents have a right to be free from injury by impaired or distracted drivers. Despite modern advances in car design, car crashes result in serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries. These injuries can take years to heal and may require lengthy physical therapy and other expensive medical treatments.

Victims of car crashes should know that they may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. A competent accident reconstruction may help car crash victims prove a driver’s negligence in civil court. If successful, a lawsuit against a negligent driver can result in an award for medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Source: CBS Miami-4, “Two Hurt After Car Plows Into Souvenir Shop” Marybel Rodriguez, Aug. 11, 2014