Would Cars Talking to Each Other Prevent Accidents?

Many of us have been waiting since childhood for space-aged technology such as flying cars as seen on “The Jetsons” cartoon series. Unfortunately, we are still stuck on the ground, but according to the federal government, we could be making strides toward finally being airborne, not to mention a bit safer in our vehicles.

According to federal government transportation officials, technology is being developed that will allow cars to talk to each other. The technology isn’t advanced enough to prevent an accident with a car backing out of a parking space that does not see a car directly behind it. But the wireless technology can allow vehicles to alert other drivers when vehicles are in its direct path. It is anticipated that the new technology could become a requirement for all new vehicles starting in the near future.

According to federal transportation officials, the technology could prevent over 500,000 accidents and save more than 1,000 lives. This would be welcome technology, especially for anyone who has been involved in such a car accident. Collisions can cause major damage to vehicles, and result in injuries to drivers and passengers of the vehicles. In more severe accidents, passengers can lose work, compensation and even worse, their lives.

If the at-fault driver is uninsured, then the victim is forced to pay auto repairs, medical expenses and absorb the lost wages. However, a victim of such an accident (and this would also include a hit and run driver who is later identified) does have some legal footing. Victims can seek financial relief for injuries, property damage, lost wages and other inconveniences that stem from the accident. For anyone who is facing such a situation and would like more information, please visit our car accident page.