Some tips for Florida holiday and vacation motorists

General travelling tips are always useful for extended travel in your vehicle. This is true whether you are planning on making a short trip down to Key West, Florida, or traveling out of state. With cheaper fuel prices and the holidays now upon us, many Floridians are choosing to drive to visit with their family and friends.

The following are some general tips offered by the Florida Highway Patrol for drivers who are looking to make a lengthy journey by road:

— Seatbelt usage is required by law. This can sometimes be a problem if you are traveling with children for an extended period of time. That is because children sometimes unfasten their belts in order to lie down in the back and go to sleep. You should check periodically to ensure that they are properly strapped in.

— The maximum speed limit in Florida is 70 mph. However, that does not necessarily mean that the road on which you may be traveling will always remain at that limit. Pay attention to signs and reduce your speed accordingly when traveling through certain areas of the state.

— Florida now recognizes the “Move Over Law”. This means that motorists are required to get into the opposite lane of any stopped emergency vehicle. Your observance of this law is helpful to avoid potential accidents.

— You should take some time to prepare for potential breakdowns when planning to travel lengthy distances. Taking some precautionary steps before your journey like making sure that your tires are properly inflated could help you to avoid trouble later.

— You should also make sure that you have a spare tire and vehicle jack in your car. Road flares and emergency triangles can also help you avoid danger should you have to replace a flat tire.

— A set of booster cables for jumpstarting a dead battery can sometimes prove invaluable.

— Take some time and make sure large, heavy items are properly stowed. If you are involved in an accident, things like suitcases can become dangerous missiles.

Florida residents should know that despite your best planning, you could still experience a preventable car accident. A distracted or impaired driver could still cause harm to you regardless of your best laid plans. Your Florida personal injury attorney can assist you in the recovery of compensation from those responsible for your car accident.

Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, “Holiday/Vacation Travel Tips” Dec. 15, 2014